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Our comprehensive range of specialised learning programs are designed to offer your child a truly diverse and enriching educational experience.

Let your child explore the wonders of nature in our Forest School program, the gift of language with our French classes, empower your child with our Taekwondo Tots and unleash their musical potential with Mini Notes!

Forest School

Forest School is a specialised learning approach that offers children the opportunity to develop their key skills in an outdoor environment. Forest School encourages children to build resilience, challenge themselves and to develop fine and gross motor skills. This creates a sense of achievement, fulfilment and well-being. It creates opportunities for the children to develop their ideas and curiosity by encouraging teamwork, imaginary play and perseverance in a natural setting. It enables the children to build their independence and decision making skills, whilst allowing them to problem solve and risk assess which most importantly, teaches them to become critical thinkers.

We are extremely lucky that we can make full use of our idyllic location which is set in an area of astounding natural beauty. Our Forest School leader creates activities in which the children will learn to appreciate life cycles and a sound understanding of the seasons.

The key aims of Forest School are:-

  • Children can be inquisitive whilst exploring their natural surroundings.
  • Children learn to respect nature and take pride in our local community.


I have had the pleasure of teaching French within a pre-school setting since 2008. My aim is to inspire a love of languages from a young age. My lessons are engaging, varied and imaginative. The children enjoy bi-lingual stories which are brought to life with homemade puppets, collages and songs. We love playing games, taking part in creative activities as well as singing nursery rhymes. These are often accompanied by musical instruments and a dance routine to help illustrate the meaning of each song. Two highlights of the year are our French Christmas carol performance and a French concert in the summer term. It’s a chance for the children to show off their linguistic skills and I know the audience is always impressed by how much the children have learnt in a year!

I am very fortunate to have a job I absolutely love. My timetable is varied; from pre-school, primary-aged children and GCSE tutoring, to adults who are beginners and fluent speakers who enjoy conversational practice.

I have always had a love of languages, stemming from holidays through France every summer as a child to visit my Spanish grandparents in Northern Spain. I studied French and Spanish at university followed by a post-graduate diploma in Business Management. I have also worked in France and Belgium which I loved as I had the opportunity to speak French all day, every day. I immerse myself in French reading and research as much as I can, and recently studied for a Masters in French Translation for personal development as well as for fun.

I look forward to teaching your child French and am happy to meet with parents to talk about my lessons in more detail.

Taekwondo Tots

As well as being a Qualified Teacher, our Principal, Carly Miles, is also a IV degree black belt and a highly experienced Taekwondo Instructor. Alongside her husband, Richard Miles, Carly has been teaching Taekwondo to children from 3yrs up to adults for over a decade.

Taekwondo Tots is a specialized non-contact introduction to Martial Arts. This programme is designed to give children from 3yrs+ the opportunity to develop confidence and discipline, as well as physical skills such as balance and coordination. This is done through fun martial arts themed games and activities, in a safe and controlled environment.

Mini Notes

Mini Notes is a lively class, allowing children to explore the joys of music through singing, dancing and clapping. As the children get older and grow in confidence and ability, they will begin to learn about musical notation and enjoy a more complex range of percussion.

The program is aimed at the mental and creative development of children – from junior groups to preparation for school.